“We could not say “thank you” enough for all that Jacqueline contributed to the birth of our child! As first time parents we read, researched, and planned for everything to expect. Then Jacqueline came along and after meeting with her once, we knew she was meant to be there and boy was she! From the moment my water broke, all through the night, and through a long day she was there for every one of mine and my husband’s needs. Jacqueline is the perfect balance of strength, comfort, support, and even humor just when you need them the most. My daughter’s birth was the most amazing event to date, in my life and everytime I replay the day back in my mind I am more and more thankful to have had Jacqueline there. She will forever be part of that special day, and as such will forever be a part of my daughter’s life. When we have more children in the future Jacqueline will be the first person, well after the doctor, that we call! Jacqueline, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

-Stephen, Heather, and Ava Carr
Born November 5th, 2009


“My experience with Jacqueline was 110% positive. She responded to our questions and concerns throughout the pregnancy and helped us to create a birth plan. When I began laboring at home Jacqueline was available to answer questions, make suggestions, and talk us through the process. Jacqueline met us at the hospital and was energized and prepared. She validated my experience during labor and delivery so that the process felt natural and empowering. She was there with me for every contraction, fed me popsicles, and provided physical and emotional support when needed. Jacqueline was not only my advocate in the hospital setting, but also continued to be a source of information and support postpartum. I highly recommend Jacqueline as a Doula for any woman with a desire to have a positive birthing experience!”

-Jill Walls Ph.D